Phase 2 — NOAA's Ocean Noise Strategy


What is the purpose of the Strategy?

The development of a NOAA-wide, forward looking Ocean Noise Strategy began following CetSound (Phase 1).

The purpose is to articulate NOAA’s vision for addressing ocean noise impacts over the next 10 years and guide science and management actions towards that vision.

NOAA's 10 year Strategy

Successful implementation of the Strategy would achieve four overarching goals:

  • SCIENCE: NOAA and federal partners are filling shared critical knowledge gaps and building understanding of noise impacts over ecologically-relevant scales.
  • MANAGEMENT: NOAA’s actions are integrated across the agency and minimizing the acute, chronic and cumulative effects of noise on marine species and their habitat.
  • DECISION SUPPORT TOOLS: NOAA is developing publically available tools for assessment, planning and mitigation of noise-making activities over ecologically-relevant scales.
  • OUTREACH: NOAA is educating the public on noise impacts, engaging with stakeholders & coordinating with related efforts internationally.  

What is NOAA doing now?

NOAA's Strategy efforts include: